Riffin’ off Rick & Morty

Hodling Bitcoin brings out the Zen in Rick
See what you’ve done Morty!!?! You’ve turned us into Bagholders Morty, BAGHOLDERS!!
I told you no shitcoins Morty, but youuuurrrrrp! never listen. I’m out!
It’s the most beautiful thing Morty.. it’s a Bull Run
Remember when I told you to buy Bitcoin at $10 Morty? Do ya? Well, we’re going to uuuuurrrrrrrrp! the Moon Morty! To the Moon!!!
Hey, this is Rick from C-137, I’m telling you uuuuurrrrrrpp! buy Bitcoin bitches!
CZ!!? WTF is Vitalik doing here uuuuurrrrrp man?!
Class B
Bitcoin to 1m
Buy or Sell Morty?!
Missed the dip!
Rick taking on the Bears
Toxic Roger vs Rick
I found a Block Morty! Immutable Blockchain bitches!
There’s nothing I can do Summer, Morty’s been uuuuurp reading up on Bitcoin again. He’s become a Toxic Maxi!! Toxic Maxi Morty!!!
Keep mining Morty! We’re gonna be uuurrrrp! Rich!
Bitcoin forks in crisis!
Believe Morty!
Picking the right Morty
Bitcoin’s dumping Morty!
Hodling is hard Morty!