Works & Installations

Sometimes a story can be told using well known actors in a different guise.
A personal fave of mine has been the 1960’s MAD characters Spy vs Spy created by Antonio Prohias . A scathing commentary on the Cold War that existed at the time.
Each week they would go to war and one would be blown up, apart or away. However, the following week, the other Spy would win. The point being that neither ever really truly won, they were always balanced and ultimately the Mutually Assured Destruction would occur therefore highlighting the utter absurdity of monstrous nuclear arsenals.

Riffing off these guys I have created a series of pieces using Bitcoin and the USD as my inspiration.


Banknotes have been a regular source of entertainment and material for artists throughout the years. From scathing commentary of the incumbent Government to the more recent Bitcoin technology seeking to overtake fiat as the future of money.

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The Currency Wars

Using Antonio Prohias’ iconic Spy vs Spy characters and limited edition vinyl figurines, I create various images depicting the events of the day or events that have occurred in Bitcoins history such as the various forks.

Regularly to be seen is the USD Spy. Busy printing away endless amounts of money.

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Other Ideas

Sometimes a good picture makes itself….