Welcome. Here be the stuff I make. From Banknotes to Board games I tweak and play with ideas that are designed to provoke conversation, create a commentary or just poke fun at the world of Bitcoin and those in and around it.

Banknote Art

Banknotes are an ideal vehicle for social and political commentary. Over time I have been messing about with various currencies from around the world. Whether they’re the now worthless Bolivare from Venezuela suffering huge Hyper Inflation or the US Dollar whose position as the Global Reserve Currency is under threat from the ever changing landscape of money.

As a long time Bitcoin advocate, I use banknotes to tell a story around the current state of Finance and the advance of Bitcoin as a new financial technology that will, over time, dominate the future of money.

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Rarely a rule player and frequently to be found out in the leftfield, I make stuff that makes me happy first 😉

This updated site is my story up to the present. My discovery and embracing of Bitcoin and my commentary on the world at large.
We live in interesting times where so much that was fought for is slipping away. We are governed by people who see corruption as a standard method of operation, lies and fraud are also just more tools to gain power and avoid scrutiny…
George Orwells “1984” was never meant to be a manual for Oppression …. and yet… here we are…
Tracking, Tracing, Intruding, Invading and Surveiling everything we do, say and write, at all times, in so many ways. All in the name of YOUR security of course….

We hear Liberty and Freedom shouted and touted as truths of our own personal power… and yet … when you scratch away at the surface….. you have far less of either than you may think ….

Vires in Numeris


I’m usually available online at most times. Contact me via email vizique@vizique.com or twitter & telegram using @vizique