The Gren was a styx-like area stuck in the continent of the planet Glasters. ‘It’s a cold and lonely place to grow up’ thought Snoove to himself, although he still remembers when Saurr the Cloudphaze [1] came by a while ago. It was one of the biggest things to happen in the Gren for Aeon’s

            Snoove had often wondered if there was a heaven. He knew that quite a few of his fellow Glastians thought there was, but he remained unconvinced. However, all that and more were to change in a series of events that would rock him, change the very core of his Soul.

            “There has to be more than this!” he said aloud to no one in particular

            “There is.” He felt a voice say. Liquid Lush coursed through Snoove


            'The Beginning', although the answer was still a long way off. But something was different, changed. Although there was only one door, it had many locks, which required many keys. Unknown to Snoove at that time, he already possessed many of the keys needed, he just didn't know where to look. He spent so much time looking externally; he'd forgotten to look in the most important place - Inside.

He'd been wandering around aimlessly for quite some time, when one of his fellow Glastians called Yesmar, suggested that he go to one of these new Aurral Throngs, big gatherings that ‘danced all night and just enjoyed life’ was the way Yesmar put it. Yesmar gave Snoove a Fizzer with the details on. There was one coming up on the next Moonfull, called Biocommunicon. It promised to be a really good one, oh, there was going to be a special guest turning up too!

Yesmar had also given Snoove a muzikard by a couple of guys called Sassy and Figseed. "Check this out!" he'd said. It should warm you up a bit~ Snoove loaded the 'kard into his portagroova, popped a spare Kazammy [2] battery into his pocket and strolled down to the shops, discovering a new wave in music as he went. By the time he'd got home, Snoove was convinced that there was more, and felt something inside, like a warm feeling reminiscent of the Liquid Lush he'd felt earlier.




It’s a cold, crisp night, lit by a full moon almost as bright as daylight, and we find ourselves at Biocommunicon. Approaching the Throng, Snoove could feel the ground moving, as if the very substance of Glasters itself was dancing to the beat. The entrance was like a celestial gateway. On one side the darkness, openness and cold expanse of the countryside, and on the other, a dimension of sound, light and warmth previously only hinted at.

The door was opened and the Source of the Energy discovered. The heat washed over him the moment he took a step over the threshold. The lift in Spirit was almost tangible.

The initial vertigo left behind, the journey began. It didn't take long, the path of light was so bright it almost, (but never would) blind the eye's with its intensity. As with all discoveries, especially those of the UltraShine type, it raised as many questions as it answered.

There, at the Aurral Altar, he found a new Spiritual guide - Hiya (so this was the 'special' guest!). She showed that UltraShine was a state to strive for, and a place called Dite was a place of Love and Harmony and home to the true ‘Shiners. The Map to this place is a diverse one, full of riches and adventures, as we shall see.

The light show was like Lightning, the assembled GrooveJammers reached out to earth themselves - to feel the shock of the Beat. SuperNovas sparkled through every vein, the energy of intensity with every new beat. There was a call to answer. The 'Jammers spun and weaved a fabric in time and space, the colours and forms rippled and pulsed, urging the 'Jammers and WiggleHoppers in a new direction. The Energy and feeling becoming the familiar Glow. Liquid Lush coursed through Snoove again, filling every nerve and sense with Happiness. Every beat of his heart was like the beginning of a Universe.

Snoove realised he was looking for an answer. He felt the Sun and the Moonrise's, an anticipation of Zenith, but also that something was lacking. The BigSys Groovatromicon helped, but there was still an element of 'The Rhythm' missing. He wasn't upset by this, just curious, he liked "Mysteries".

The Cyberlectic Dubnotic Vibe made by the BigSys Groovatromicon, fizzed and sparkled, pulsing through the continuum like waves tumbling on a shoreline in paradise.

It was as if the Vibe was within their bodies, searching for their essence then, as each Thronger was touched, a ‘Glow’ would start to shine from within them. The higher the Vibe lifted them, the brighter the light. The surge of the Rush, the Ecstasy of the crest, the Beauty of the ebb of pleasure, then to be picked up by the next Rush..... The glitters and sparkles of Pearls and Diamonds of the 'Jammers, increasing the intensity of the surge. Boosting the power of the BigSys Groovatromicon. The radiance of Infra-Yellow was astounding! the Throng had reached new heights and it certainly wasn't done yet !

Brief visions of Dite flashed through the minds of the assembled Groovers. Almost as One, they surged the Vibe to the limit, the power sending ripples of Infra-Yellow into the Cosmos.

Snoove was hugging himself, Infra-Yellow flowing round him in time to the

feeling. It was like Magic, Pearls appeared all around Snoove. He knew then, that in some small way, things had changed, permanently. Snoove felt a wave of Mersion! "Who? What?, How?" he wondered. He wasn't with anyone, yet with everyone, then realised that Hiya had glided past.

Caught in a magical merry-go round of music and colour, his mind spun, dancing round and around, swirling and pulsing in time with the beat. Spiritual excitation coursing through him, serotonin teasing and caressing every nerve in him.

He opened his eyes; it felt like someone had flipped the switch to a new dimension, and, as if scripted, the pattern of the music changed too. He felt the Rush again, urging and surging, rising from deep within, accelerating towards a tidal wave of emotion. The Rushing feeling, stronger and stronger, then, just as the crest was in sight, the music eased him back down, only to pick him up once more, an ethereal emotional roller coaster. The smile on his face almost outshone the Glow in his eyes.

A pulsing, heavy rhythm, wrapped itself around him, coercing him to move and jump - he was helpless but didn't want to be rescued, so in love with everything around him - Harmonies and Melodies breezed through his Soul, a landscape with no horizon, no up or down, where forwards and backwards only then and now and perhaps a maybe. Where there are Sun's and Moon's, do they set, do they rise or both. It just depends on where You are. Relatively of course! Another piece clicks into place.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the Throng finished. The Groovers, all looking like Glowing marathon runners' in the early morning sunlight.

Feeling a bit exhausted and overwhelmed, he decided to go to the Beach to mull a few things over with his Groovatromicon. He went to the parking bays and climbed aboard his Zype.

Unzipping the Zype into action, he took of at a sedate pace. Once outside the Town though, he unzipped the Zype into top, who needs all those other gears - Go or Stop. Once he'd managed to retrieve his consciousness from four klix behind him, he decided it was best to slow down, as he did want to relax a bit. Easing down the speed he saw the Beach on the horizon line.

The countryside glided past Snoove, washing away the remaining tensions of a long night's Thronging. Finally, reaching the Dunes, he parked up the Zype and walked to the peak of the nearest Dune. He sat for a while mulling, looking out across the dark and brooding sea [3] .

Snoove had eyes that changed colour with his mood. Normally, they were a beautiful rich deep brown. When he was tranquil and happy, his eyes shone with a purple light that went beyond the usual spectrum, and well past the parameters of Love. When he was unhappy or sad, they would be a deep blue.

Right now, they were somewhere between Infra-Purple and Ultra-Violet. Waves of peace and pleasure washed over him, tickling and teasing every fibre in his Soul.

The landscape of Snooves mind shone in the light of twin Sun's. The air sparkled with energy. All was One and One was All. All that he saw was within and around him, as much as he was around and within this landscape. The breeze was a musical chime of sunshine and lazy days. The babble and whisper of the sea, mixed with the gentle sighing of the Dune grass. A Soul satisfying Peace surrounding it all.

He went to the shoreline and called to the Subsurfabubblybobblylong. And there it was hovering in front of him, waiting for him to get inside. He climbed aboard and thought about where to go. "I know!“ he exclaimed, "I'll go to the highest mountain under the Sea." He called out his desired destination to the on-board computer then sat in the big comfy chair in the helm position.

The Subsurfabubblybobblylong jaunted its way across the Ocean bed towards Granormicus, the underwater worlds largest natural edifice. The tip of Granormicus glowed with Golden Gimbly in the murky under sea garden. It was a unique kind of Gimbly that had evolved over the years, and could be found nowhere else in the known MultiVerse. The Golden glow was renowned throughout the Cosmos, even a tiny amount was worth a small fortune, as it was thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac (which was complete rubbish, but no-one had had the heart to tell the guy who 'd just dived down all that way for it, so the folk tale remained, and now the solid institution of attempting to desecrate one of the worlds wonders continues).

The Subsurfa' bobbed along, Snoove eased himself back into the chair, memories of the previous night flashing through his mind. He'd felt so many different things. He was still reeling, a sense of shock.

"Why?" asked a voice in his head

"Uh?" uttered Snoove, not expecting any answer to his mental questions.

"Why are you so shocked?" asked the voice again

"Er, because of how beautiful it all was, about how good I felt. And, er, by the way, who are you?" he replied aloud

"Don't you remember?" she said, as she materialised in front of Snoove

"How did you... ?" Snoove was asking

"I am the Spiritual. The Physical has no boundaries for me. Now, you haven't

answered my question. Why are you so shocked?"

"Well... " Snoove began but ended up lost for words'

"You are the reason it was all that good. You made it so. How?" she asked, continuing before Snoove could answer, "because it came from within you, from that Source that holds the greatest of all powers. From your Heart and with Love'"

Snoove opened his mouth but nothing came out.

Hiya smiled at him. "Is it so unbelievable that you can Love?"

Snoove just shook his head.

"Well then, you have begun to truly learn. Follow your Heart, feel Love in all its shapes, sizes and colours. This is the real MultiVersal Power. I've a feeling we shall be seeing a lot of each other in the future. You call it Fate I believe [4] . I shall always be here if you need me, just call." And with that, Hiya faded away as quietly as she had come.

Snoove sat for a long while looking out of the SubSurfa's porthole window. As the sun shone on a new day, Snooves heart shone with a new light. 'To understand "out there', you have to understand 'in here' first. There has to be a light inside before you can shine out. Love is the power that can do this.' He thought to himself. Another piece clicked into place.

Chillfox Hale


The next Aurral Throng Snoove went to was Chillfox Hale on Averon, A Throng in memory of one of the forefathers of Thronging and Hedonism itself, Timoore. Timoore had been one of the Movers and Shakers in the MultiVerse. Unfortunately, the Gods had decided that he'd be better off at their party, so they'd sent him a compulsory invite for a bash at their place, although they did have the courtesy to send him to PaRioDise Island for one last party with his planet bound friends.


Back to the Throng, and things were just started to get interesting. Snoove whispered Hiya's name three times and closed his eyes, awaiting the oncoming feelings. Faster, faster his mind raced, through tunnels and highways of Light, snaking through his minds eye like a rocket-boosted roller coaster. His Spirit dived down, deep down into the areas of his Being that held his saddest emotion, the music searching for the darkest areas, looking for the smallest light. He found it at the deepest part of his Soul; the Melody lifted it up, dancing in ecstasy at the pain. Infra Yellow washed over the tiny orb of Light, lifting it, raising it out of the darkness.

Snoove felt the Vibe caress him, then, like a Lover, felt it within him, searching for the quintessential Snoove. Within beats of Music and Heart, it found the Source, embracing it. Snoove was almost breathless at the Beauty of it all. Passion surged within him, the Light of the orb searing into a Nova sparkling Infra-Yellow. The pain melting away. Oh! The Rush. The Feeling. You know that feeling when you get carried away.......

As the hours passed [5] , the "Jammers glowed in the familiar light of Infra-Yellow. Pearls shone all around, the Light was fantastic. Later. Jewel spun some really groovin' slice's that took the GrooveJammers higher than they'd been before. His artistry was UniQue.

Snoove realised he'd discovered many things and had glimpsed even more. A brief flicker of Infra- Purple sparkled in his brain, triggering a brighter Infra-Yellow glow within him.

Snoove revelled in the feeling of Infra-Yellow, letting it take him on a journey to places that even his minds eye hadn't dreamed of. Then, without him noticing, he passed through a Spiritual "Gateway'. As he did so, the colours and feelings changed subtly, but intensely. He glowed Infra-Purple?

"Oh Boy!" he said to himself, noticing the change now. He felt an increased Rush. Love and Happiness pouring into, around and through him, the whole atmosphere fulfilling parts he'd never realised were wanting. The surge overwhelmed him a little; so he went to the Joose bar, bought himself a pilb of Joose and sat down to catch his breath [6] .

Drifting in Infra-Purple Glow and deep "Rhythm", he didn't notice a fellow Thronger sit down next to him.

"Is this a Throng or what!?" said the newcomer

"Uh, what?" replied Snoove, a little confused

"Oh Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, I said, ‘is this a Throng or what?" repeated the Thronger

"Oh Yes and then some!" agreed Snoove, coming out of his reverie

"Hi, I'm Steev,” said the new friend, offering his hand in greeting

"Hi I’m Snooves' responding with his own

They sat for a while chatting, the music providing the soundtrack for a new friendship, when an irresistible desire to dance hit Snoove.

"I have to..." started Snoove, pointing to the dance floor

“Go for it' replied Steev, understanding, feeling a similar desire

Snoove let 'The Rhythm' wash over him, intensifying the Infra-Purple glow around him.

Some of the Throngers shouted and hooted in ecstasy, ...meanwhile, ...somewhere not that far away (well not if you think of it Relatively). ...Snoove rose and touched a Cloud. It responded in surprise, and then relaxed. Then the Cloud said "High, aren't we?"

"Yes',' replied Snoove breathlessly

"You know now as well, don't you Snoove” said the Cloud

"Yes, Oh yes!" answered Snoove. The Goddess Hiya touched his Soul. Peace. Love. Happiness.

Hiya appeared and introduced Snoove to SKii the CloudPhaze. They talked of colours and places, "Let me show you,' breezed SKii, "step into me."

Snoove wasn't nervous (he was very honoured!), just uncertain as to what SKii meant. All the same he did as requested. As soon as he touched SKii he felt weightless and expansive, as if he covered all the land's and sea's.

The mist cleared in front of his eyes to reveal a landscape, (not of Averon), that was breathtakingly beautiful. It genuinely left Snoove speechless, but the warmth it created in his heart made him Glow.

"Now do you begin to see?" whispered SKii

"Oh yes!" replied a wide eyed Snoove

"Let me show you more." Joy in SKii's breath. The mist shrouded Snoove for a few moments then cleared to reveal another view more stunning and beautiful than the first. Snoove picked up the Infra-Yellow glow from SKii.

"Remember, it's all beautiful, although I do admit that there are some places that seem to have a greater impact, a stronger power." said SKii

They travelled around for what seemed like hours, appearing over strange and beautiful lands, drinking in of their beauty, then moving on, each sight more wondrous than the last. Together they glowed brighter and brighter, becoming Infra-Purple.

"You have greatly honoured me with your wisdom and your friendship. Forever am I in your debt” said Snoove to the CloudPhaze, not forgetting his manners, as they reappeared at Chillfox Hale.

"Have you learnt, have you understood from our time together?" asked SKii, his voice sounding as a breeze through a forest on a summers day

"More than I can put into words' Snoove said bashfully

"Then there is no debt. Expanse, friend Snoove." And with that, SKii drifted up and away, until only the stars twinkled above.

Snoove just sat down where he was and closed his eyes. When he opened them Time had moved on [7] although the Throng was still going. He felt like he'd been away for days! However, he did feel incredibly vibrant and energetic, so he got down to some serious "jammin'.

Towards the end of Chillfox Hale Snoove bumped into Steev again.

"Hello once morel" Pearls dancing in Steev's face

"Hello!" replied Snoove smiling just as broadly

"What're you doing afterwards?" asked Steev, bobbing in time to the music

"Erm, nothing really."

"Well, I'm having a few friends round at my place to chill with a few pilbs and gigglesticks. Want to join us?"

"I'd be glad to"

"X-el. We're meeting up out the front, at the end. I'll keep an eye out for you'.'

"Thanks!" said Snoove shaking Steev's hand, as he bobbed away again, carried adrift on the pulsing bass beat.

The final slice drifted into memory, the lights fading into the darkness. The house lights came on and the glowing Throngers drifted out of the exit ways.

Outside, at the front of the venue, Snoove met up with Steev and his friends, who he introduced as Dennis, Shoog and Mogul-E

"How" d you get here?" asked Steev

"By Taxi." replied Snoove

"Well, you can ride with me then, in the Travellongalator over there” said Steev pointing to a deep metallic purple vehicle in the park.

Steev lived in an apartment block very near the centre of Newery Ork, a town just outside "The Capital". He popped a "kard into the on-board Groovatromicon as they sped back to his pad, a cosy little place with an excellent view of the Central park.

The chill out session went on for three Orbs, with people drifting out then coming back again hours later, as well as others who'd been to other Throngs in the System.


Snoove met so many people, he knew he'd never remember all of their names again, but he'd remember how friendly everyone had been.





Snoove was in his favourite comfy chair listening to a Figseed muzikard. He’d really got into Sassy and Figseed and had made a point of ‘Zoobing anything he could find., The music took Snoove on a mental journey through all that he'd seen recently. Lights flashed on his eyelids, within a breath he was back in the Throng, within a heartbeat, he was reliving/feeling the joy of Being, wrapped in Infra- Purple.

Somewhere in his mind he heard the door chimes sing out. Gently, he came back to the reality and got up to answer the door.

Steev and Dennis stood there with big smiles on their faces.

"Hi! We were just passing and thought we'd drop in.,” said a beaming Steev

"Good to see you, come in," said Snoove returning the smiles, standing aside to let them in, "sit down."

"Now that was a party,” stated Steev, reminiscing Chillfox Hale

"And then some. You could feel it. What a send off."

"Yeah! But I'm gonna miss Timoore." said Dennis, who, of those present, had been closest to him.

Snoove got some pilbs of Joose from the fridge and they all raised a toast to the departed friend.

"Here, put this on, I think you'll like it.” said Steev, handing Snoove a muzikard. The label read 'Blue Balooga'. Snoove slotted it in and pressed the 'Action' button. A pumping rhythm burst out of the ThrobatronÔ speakers. The three friends danced to the music in the middle of the living room unable to contain the urge to dance.                                 

"When is the next one?" asked Snoove. over the music

"There's one coming up near me called ‘Peril,’" answered Dennis. “It’s being held in a place called Little Downham, which is right near my hometown on Earth IV."

"When?" asked Steev

"In about four days time."

"Are you interested Snoove?" asked Steev through a cloud of gigglestick smoke.

"Yes” answered Snoove without moving his lips [8] , then said "Yes!" almost immediately afterwards, surprise on his face as he finished.

"I heard you the first time." chuckled Steev

Snoove started to say something, but only got as far as opening his mouth before his brain aborted the whole process once it realised what was going on.

"X-el then," said Steev, "we can catch a local shuttle over."

"And we can crash at my place afterwards." said Dennis

"Deal then!" they all shouted, chinking their pilbs in a toast again.




Snoove opened the door to find Steev standing there. "Afternoon. Not disturbing you am I?" queried Steev, Pearls shining over his face

"No, no, not at all. I was just doing some drawing. Come in." replied Snoove

Steev entered and sat down, noticing various bits of artwork strewn around the room, all in varying states of completion.

"Joose?" asked Snoove, heading for the kitchen,

"Definitely!" replied Steev, "So you're an artist then?" he mused, shuffling through some of the drawings on the top of the heap

"Well, I potter about a bit. Although more has been happening since I started Thronging. It feels like there's a message that I have to get out. I try to draw how I felt and what I saw. These are some of the results." he said sweeping his arm round the room.

"Have you ever thought about designing some Fizzers or VurtPix?"

"Not really. I suppose I could do it though.” answered Snoove reflectively

"Think about it!" said Steev. They drank their pilbs dry, so Snoove organised refills. They talked about all sorts of things, especially 'Peril' on Earth IV later. They'd arranged to meet Dennis at the StarPort, then go straight to the party from there.

They chatted and laughed for a couple more hours when Steev, looking at his WrisRem, announced they should go to the StarPort.

After checking in, they hit the Joose bar. Fortunately for them everything ran on time and within three hours they were disembarking from the transit shuttle on Earth IV.

They saw Dennis waving at them (hard to miss in his funky new red and black outfit), and headed in his direction. They exchanged hugs and greetings, then Dennis led the way to his Travellongalator.

It only took an hour to reach the party venue from the StarPort, so by the end of their fifth gigglestick, they were there!

Snooves stomach was full of butterflies [9] as he, Dennis and Steev headed for the Throngs door. Stepping through the entrance, Snooves eyes took a while to adjust to the dim light.

He could make out the hall was already three quarters full of Throngers, all shifting around with anticipation [10] The BigSys Groovatromicon was silent except for the electrical buzz of power waiting to be used. After about half an hour the hall was virtually full.

Then a voice, crisp and loud, came from the BigSys.

"Are you feelin' FOXY?”,

The Throngers responded as One, a cheer erupting from the Assembled. And before the echo of their reply had died, the hall exploded into sound and light.

As if a switch had been flipped, Snoove glowed Infra-Yellow instantly. Within an hour he was glowing Infra-Purple. Not long after passing through that ‘Gateway’ he saw Steev again.

'Hello friend, how are you?" he shouted over the sound of the BigSys

"X-el” replied Steev, smiling Pearls.

A haunting sample line pulsed out an eerie, hypnotic hook. The Throngers mood flowed with the music; an atmosphere of anticipation [11] became the direction. The subsonic Harmony creating the vehicle to shift it all into a different dimension.

The lights grew dimmer, making the "Jammers feel even more conspiratorial. The 'tick-a-tik" of a hi-hat sneaked in to the soundscape, gently picking up the pace.

A bass beat pulsed on the bar, then on the half, on the quarter, then on every note. Hurtling towards an explosive breakdown, a bodyshaking texture of sound that no Thronger in the hall could escape or resist.

Pulled, pushed, urged, co-erced, "The Rhythm" took the "Jammers by their hearts and their minds to a place that used to be called Fantasy, but was now Reality.

To look into the eyes of the Throngers was to look through windows into a thousand different dimensions, yet in their hearts, the same Sun was shining.

Snoove noticed a Barper of exceptional beauty early on [12] , she was stunning! Rich red/brown hair, a face sooo beautiful, her eyes! She had eyes that made Gimbly look dull, and a figure so fine, it made Snoove feel like melting on the spot. Throughout the course of the night they kept catching each other’s eye. The true impact of her beauty didn't really hit Snoove until later though after having a short break to get a Joose pilb, he was just about to step through a curtained doorway, when the curtain was pulled aside in front of him, and there she was! Snoove couldn't move. She was sooo gorgeous, he was transfixed.

Equally stunned, she just stood there, accidentally letting the curtain fall from her hand. Snoove stood rooted to the spot, unable to believe his own eyes. Before long, another 'Jammer moved past Snoove to go through the doorway. She was gone!

However, throughout the next three hours, they played a game of cat and mouse, their attraction too strong to ignore [13] .

At one point, Snoove, standing a little way behind her, noticed she was looking around as if trying to find someone/thing. Snoove moved closer, whispering just behind her ear,

"If you're looking for me I'm right behind you."

The beautiful Barper spun round in surprise, a slight flush of embarrassment on her face. "How did you kn... ?" she started

"I saw you looking around and guessed." said Snoove smiling,

They just looked at and into each other, not noticing the rest of the Throng. After what seemed a decade, a friend of the Barper took her arm, pulling her away, saying something about needing her.

Snoove watched her disappear into the dancing Throngers, Infra-Purple flowing all around and through him when, POW!, everything flashed Golden. Snoove felt fluid, felt like everything ever known became One. Before he'd even had a chance to grasp the concept, it was gone, and he was back to glowing Infra-Purple again.

"What the... ?" he said to himself

"Dite." came a reply in his mind,

Snoove recognised the voice as Hiya's

"How?" he asked in his mind

"You'll see,' she said and was gone

Snoove let the music take him away, riding on the lingering wave of Liquid Lush, the Melody playing over his mind, the bass soothing his Soul.

Feeling thirsty he decided to get some Joose. While he was sitting on a bench sipping from his pilb, the beautiful Barper walked towards him. He smiled at her, and, taking this as an invitation, she sat down next to him.

"Hello," she said, "I'm Yo!"

"Hi Yo! I'm Snoove." he replied, offering his hand with a smile

"Pleased to meet you" she answered, shaking his hand. "Sorry I dashed off earlier, but a friend needed me."

"That's O.K., I just thought I may never see you again" said Snoove, "and that would have been very sad', pulling his best comical sad face.

Her laugh chimed in tune with the music, "I do have to go real soon, but I wanted to talk to you first. Would you like another Joose?"

"I'd love to,” replied Snoove smiling

She returned from the bar with two pilbs of Dingleberry Joose. Handing one to Snoove, Yo! sat down (a little closer this time) next to Snoove. As soon as their eyes met again, a sparkle of Light not normally seen, shone in both of their eyes. They talked and talked for what seemed like Orb's.

Yo! told Snoove about her hometown of Legster-G on the planet Barp.

Snoove smiled when he heard this, as Legster-G was well known in many Systems. A beautiful place, surrounded on three sides with lush green forests and fields, completed with a golden beach and deep blue sea. It was also noted for the locals' unsurpassable cooking skills. If a Legster-Gian couldn't satisfy your tummy [14] , then no one could.

The planet of Barp was ruled by a giant of his kind, a man by the name of Robbie (many had said he became King because of his sense of humour being the funniest, some said it was because it was the naughtiest, yet most would agree that it was because of the size of his heart - Enormous!).

They talked and talked, but eventually, Yo!s friend returned, saying they had to go.

Yo!, acknowledging her friend, turned back to Snoove. "There's another Aurral Throng coming up called 'MOIST', would you like to go with me?” The light in her eyes hovering between Infra-Yellow and Infra-Purple.

"Oh Yes!" replied Snoove, veiling his excitement, barely!

"Good," her eyes' flashing bright Purple, "Call me." she said, handing Snoove a sparkling HoloKard. Then she turned and left. Just before she disappeared from view, she turned back to blow a kiss to Snoove. To this day he'd swear he felt it hit his lips, a sweet electrifying sparkle. Then she was gone.

Snoove sat a while longer sipping his pilb dry, a huge smile on his face. He glowed Infra-Purple so bright even Ultra-Violet went green.

The BigSys pumped out “The Rhythm” which found its way back into Snoove. It started with foot tapping, graduated to head nodding, feet tapping and hand waving until the irresistible desire to dance overcame Snoove. He was sooo HAPPY!

The Pearls shone brightly in his face. His body moved synchronous to the music. The lights and Melody playing together to lift up the Vibe and the Throngers to another level.

Snoove could feel it! The music and light washed over the Spirits of the Groovers. Their hearts and minds warmed and lifted. Elevated to a state of Ecstasy. The Ecstasy of feeling that you’d rather be right here, right now! and are so happy than anywhere else in the world (or any other in Snooves case)

Snoove felt a warm/cool flush all over his skin as Liquid Lush flooded his bloodstream. The music carried him away, he felt weightless. His Minds eye sped through landscapes of a thousand colours. He flew a million miles in the blink of an eye. He remembered how he had felt when SKii had shown him some of the beautiful places in the ‘Verse and he felt like that right now. His mind conjured visions of extraordinary beauty. The BigSys providing the soundtrack to Snooves fantastic journey.

Snoove danced the remainder of the night away going into the early morning. He later realised that he had been going for 38 of Glasters hours! He’d forgotten that Earth IV had 24 hours daylight and 20 of night.

It was obviously one of ‘those’ nights as Steev had met a pretty young Barper called Siavelle. She was Glowing brightly next to Steev as the friends chatted and made plans for what to do after the Throng had finished.

At the end of the party they headed back to Dennis’s place. He’d invited a few other friends over too.

The door rang out. Dennis got up and opened the door to Shoog, Jewel and Hiya. Inviting them in he offered drinks and refills. A feint Glow was all around the room. The ‘Jammers chilled out with pilbs and gigglesticks with music providing the background to the gathering.

The gathered talked for hours and hours. To sit there and enjoy ‘being’ was so fulfilling. The Glow in the room getting brighter. The brighter the Glow the more the friends talked. They talked of past Throngs, the effect it’d had on people and their lifestyles, the friends that had been made and how things felt better when you opened your heart as well as your eyes and mind.

As they all sat round talking, things got round to “The Beginning”. At this point Hiya joined in. She explained that ALL things were due to Freq. It was Him that started it all off. It was because of Him that we have then, now and tomorrow. He was in all things, He was the Light, the Vibe and ALL that was everything.

Ultimately it all boils down to Energy. To understand it you must be able to see, to feel, to hear the frequency of the instilled Energy of the very ‘Verse itself.

Whether it is Light and all its colours seen and unseen, sound – from the sound below perception to its highest inaudible peak. The wobble of an atom to the vibrational Harmonic that even your own body creates.

How many different frequencies exist in just one body!!? Think about it……..


The hours drifted by and one by one the Throngers drifted off to sleep right there in Dennis’s living room.

As Snoove drifted off to sleep himself he smiled to himself. What a magical night it had been. He’d been to a Throng that he’d never forget and met the most beautiful woman in the ‘Verse. Then he chilled out with some friends, made some new ones too and drifted off in a place that could only be right here, right now, the ONLY place to be.


The next morning, the rested Groovers woke up one by one. The first two awake, Dennis and Shoog, set about making breakfast for everybody.

Snoove was last to wake up. In fact he had to be woken by Siavelle who commented on the big smile on Snooves face while he was asleep.

In the blink of an eye he remembered the previous night and especially Yo! He Glowed Infra-Yellow at the thought of her. Heads turned in the living room towards Snoove who suddenly blushed. “Well … she was gorgeous” He offered. The room exploded into laughter. Just then Dennis and Shoog brought mountains of hot food through and everyone tucked in. There was a lot of energy to replace after the night before.

After a few more hours of chilling and chatting the friends started to disperse. Snoove eventually saying his own goodbyes.

It took about four hours door to door and by the time Snoove walked into his apartment, he was definitely ready for a pilb of Dingleberry Joose and a gigglestick. He switched his MicroSys on and put on a dreamy muzikard.

Sitting with his drink and gigglestick he thought back and remembered the HoloKard Yo! had given him. When he pulled the HoloKard out it sparkled and glittered, the letters of her name Shining. Was that the ‘Kard doing that?

Snooves smile broadened as he remembered how beautiful she was, how they got on so well straight away and how she made him feel so alive while they were talking. He sat there for hours listening to muzikards, drifting on a sea of happiness and contentment.

Hiya materialised in the room and seeing Snooves smile faded out just as quick leaving Snoove to his journey….. she wasn’t needed right now.




That evening Snoove was creating some new designs (Yo! on his mind) when the VurtCom chirped. He touched the respond button on his WrisRem and the HoloJector brought Yo! large as life into Snooves living room, a sparkling shimmer all around her (Snoove was certain the ‘Jector didn’t do that with anyone else)

“Hello!” she chimed brightly

“Er…Hello!” he replied, a little confused as he didn’t remember giving Yo! his number.

Yo! obviously picked up on this saying “Oh! I hope you don’t mind, but I got your number from Dennis as I knew he knew someone I know….. oh you know!”

“Yeah sure, its no problem at all, in fact I’m very pleased to hear from you. I was just thinking about calling you myself”




He felt the Rush inside, felt it accelerating, racing faster and faster, chasing the Purity of Love. He felt the Light fill his body and push against his skin. He felt it's intensity, rushing, rising within him. The music carrying his whole being further and higher when. ....Infra-Purple! The Light blazed through and out of him in a Cosmic explosion of Ecstasy that rocked him inside and out.

The Rush billowed out from Snoove. Up, up, higher and higher, the Glow intensified, rose up. Music pulsing inside him, a song he knew so well, all about Hiya. He could feel the crest in sight..... then it dropped, dropped into a new gear, deeper, sooo much deeper.

Up, up, higher and higher, here we go again, he felt to himself, he could see her in his mind, his whole self. He locked on to the feeling, flew with it, let himself bum with the pure pleasure of it. Love! his whole essence cried. Time evaporated [15]

An Audisual eclectic, which touched the very essence of the Aurral Throngers. A breathlessness, an urgency? of Ecstasy in a rolling wave of feeling, then silence.

A cunning, stealthy beat/bass line floated up from the ~M~ BigSys Groovatromicon. Slowly, inevitably, it picked everyone up. Feet were tapping, heads nodding, the sound building the 'Jammers building with it. An irresistible desire to dance. Hypnotic, tribal desires, a base, raw need to express.

His Mind and body tuned in, working with 'The Rhythm", the dance became a movement of Spirit as well as limb. The Vibe hypnotised the dancers into a state of openness and Love.

As they danced, Bliss glided up to them. She put an arm around them both and smiled, whispering " "Shine". Symtriosis! A Soul rocking feeling hit Snoove and Yo!, Liquid Lush flooded their veins, a Light of a colour only previously hinted at sparkled in their eye's.

They felt Bliss go but the Light remained. They held each other close and tight, not wanting to lose the feeling, then..... ULTRASHINE!

Snoove was 'Shining, every fibre, every sense, everything in Snoove 'Shone. He didn't think it could get any better when......

"Don't leave me behind Snoove'.' said a voice within Snooves head

"How could I ?? Come to me and let's...." Snoove reached out his 'Shine and felt an overwhelming surge on contact with Yo!. Twingling down the golden tubes of Dite, Snoove felt the sheer exhilaration of Being, no feeling ever known on Barp could match it. Snoove UltraShone.

The crest he'd reached before turned out to be a small ledge on the way up. Snoove and Yo! embraced each other in UltraShine. Even the Gods were wearing UltraRay Bans, they smiled, their two children had found the secret. To Love each other. Mersion!

The Lovers decided to leave the Throng. They wanted no distractions.

"The Beach?" asked Snoove,

"You must have read my mind." replied Yo!, smiling,

Outside, they hopped aboard Snoove "s Zype like two children being naughty, laughing with the Joy of it all. Yo! put her hands on Snooves hips, squeezing gently, 'Fly me to the triple moons of X.T.C. Lover!" she purred, then threw her head back laughing, the breeze catching and rippling through her long hair. Snooves face broke out into a huge smile of contentment as he unzipped the Zype.

Snoove took the expressway to the Beach, eager to be alone with Yo!. Before a quarter of an hour had passed they were there. Snoove parked up the Zype so they could hear the on-board Groovatromicon. They both lay on the sand, which sparkled like platinum and Diamonds in the Moonlight, face to face, just enjoying each other.

Silver wash laid itself all over Snoove. Sparkles lit up his face; he smiled in a feeling of perfect joy. The Moon smiled back. Everything was just fine. Moonglow caressed Yo! in a sensuous movement of Light. Love rocked her from the outside to the very depths other Soul. She fell into a Ditean state of Love in Snooves arms. Perfection they thought, and once again the dazzling brightness of UltraShine enveloped them.

"I have a poem for you, I just composed it. Would you like to hear it?" asked Yo!

Snoove purred acknowledgement as he lay in her arms. "I'm all yours,” he murmured

"Right here goes..."


A time when innermost thoughts touch and merge,

Neither by word or vision is that feeling explained,

You can only know it by being there.


Only found by touching and feeling each other,

Breathing each other,

A feeling experienced in too short a time,

One of those Forever feelings. Oh! To feel it Forever


Easier to find when naked bodies touch,

Sometimes when the right Music is played,

Preferably Both.


'Th, That's beautiful Yo!” stammered Snoove, overcome with emotion.

The sea washed onto the shore in a gentle whisper, not wanting to disturb the two Lovers. Time drifting on it's ebb and flow [16] .

Snooves Aura stretched out an eternity, encompassing, embracing and caressing Yo! almost to the point of a tangible, physical contact. The radiance pulsed in time to Snooves heartbeat. Yo!s heart also picked up the rhythm. The synchronous pulsing of their Aura's began to flash intensely like a PulStar. As they reached the crescent, all was taken over, forever and ever until Tomorrow came and the sound ebbed away in decreasing beats, the shockwaves rippling through mind, body and Soul. Lingering waves emanated from within them. They made Love right there on the Beach.

As he felt the climax rise, Snooves muscles turned to steel bars, tension and explosion existed in the same moment. Lights of colours indescribable flashed and burnt in his minds eye. Thoughts accelerated to the point where only the Light existed, nothing else mattered.

Feel it, feel the pressure - internal and external. Orbiting the Sun, daring to fly closer. 'Is this how Icarus felt? That Ecstasy of feeling'.

Their climactic burst of energy pulsed outwards; even the Zypes Groovatromicon picked up on the intensity and frequency, rushing around and toward the "Shine. The glitter of Dite filling all the senses, then Mersion, with the essence of The Realm of Dite itself.

Coming back down from gobsmacked, Snoove lay back and pulled Yo! to him, kissing her deeply.

"'I Love You' just doesn't seem to be enough, I feel more, the Passion is so intense."

Yo! looked into Snooves eyes and smiled, " I can see how you feel in your eyes, words aren't needed my Lover."

They cuddled and drifted off to sleep right there on the Beach. Waking to make Love again. Hours later [17] they climbed aboard the Zype, unzipped it, and headed to Snooves place.

Synchrox 69


'Synchrox 69' on Barp was, according to the Fizzer, promising to be a huge event with additional surprises. In fact, it was becoming unsurprising that there would be surprises.

The thirty-second siren sounded, warning anyone still around to find cover immediately or be caught in the blast.

Ignition.. ...2 .....1 .....0.... .Lift Off!. Four Zalaxian StarSearcher Turboost rockets fired up at once, causing everything within half a klik to vibrate. Within three minutes the craft was two klix up and within ten was beginning it's entry into Hyper.

3.....2.....1.... .POW! Stars streaked past the windows M~ then ... .Darkness.

"That's it guy's, we're on our way. Yee-hahl"

'"At last:' sighed Steev~

"Yeah, it's been a while,” agreed Yo!

"So who's got.....?" started Siavelle

"Me." said Steev, pulling out his gigglestick kit~

"So, just exactly where are we going? asked Siavelle, realising that she'd never really found out but was game anyway.

"Barp." replied Snoove

"Pardon you." answered Siavelle~

"No, not burp, Barp. It's in the Korr system, it's 'where it's at man' as they say. The party's called 'Synchrox 69', Sassy and Figseed are playing:'

Yo!'s eyes lit up as did Siavelles, "X-el!' they chorused.

"Oh man, this should be ftin." Steev said, whilst beginning to build one of the largest gigglesticks Snoove had seen in quite a while.

Yol looked over and commented on Steevs construction, “You need a GravSled to hold that thing up while you're tokin' it”

"No man, it's all right. The lack of gravity in the cabin means it'll work, watch and have faith." Steev put the finishing touches to what must have been a record length for a gigglestick this side of Xandon VII.

Everybody cheered and clapped in admiration. Steev passed it to Yol, " Light it."

"My arms not long enough, she replied innocently.

Snoove ignited the end of the gigglestick for her, it took a few draws, but then....

…about four hours and three feet  of gigglestick later, they all finally gave in.

"That's it, I've had enough." said Steev from behind a huge blue /grey cloud of smoke.

Snoove glanced over to the console, "We're due out in about two and half hours, should be enough time to straighten up a bit."

Yo! and Siavelle had both passed out about half a hour ago.

"Play you at ZapStar 7?" asked Snoove, pulling a zapperpad from under the table,

" O.K., you're on," replied Steev, closer covers the bill for the trip." he added.

"Deal, Game on." Two hours later, Steev was looking for his Zipcard. " A deals a deal." he playfully grumbled.

The Subspace warning siren came on. "Five minutes to end of Hyper-Run, Stand By" issued Kat the computer.



The Communion had begun. Pearls were everywhere. Stars lit the room and a hundred imaginary cameras flashed into the mass. Communion. One. They all knew then that something special was happening. Higher, higher the merged feeling went, a Unity of Soul that, in the brief flicker of our lives, is so very precious and rare. That to have even felt it, is to have been put on the path to enlightenment, or was all this merely an illusion?, I think not, you.......?

Rush, pearls, rush - rush not dizzy - rush, heights never known to exist within one Soul. Drifting in a sea of beat and sweat. Love. Being there, where else is there? Nowhere. Family, we know, we have touched each other in a way beyond blood and sex. We know........

The music pulsed and urged Snoove further towards the Realm, coaxing and enticing him deeper and deeper into the Ultra feeling. The beat in time with his heart, the throbbing bassline moving with the same warmth as the Spirit coursing through his whole Being. The Melody line gently lifted his subconscious up, held it, caressed it in a lightness so pure, then it danced with the Passion of Love and Light.

Skimming above the clouds towards the light of an eternal sunrise, the sheer joy of Being flooded Snoove. Next to him was Yo!. Everything was complete. Harmony. Pleasure and Happiness were an audible sound pervading Snooves very Soul. Yo! And Snoove swapped Pearls in a rush of UltraShine. Love was beautiful they telepathed to each other. A state of Purity.

Yo! was one of the best looking Barper's this side of the known MultiVerse. Snoove saw her and felt his body start to shake. Yo! caught Snoove watching her and gave him some Pearls and a wave. Snoove only just managed to stop himself falling over. Just then he appeared in The Realm of Dite, and, right before his eyes, Yo! appeared too, in a radiant Purple Glow with Diamonds sparkling all around her. "You wouldn't leave me now, would you Honey?"

"Uh, uh. No way." stammered Snoove

"Good, then lets..." she purred. Mersion. Then the party really started.


A triptonic pulse rose into the soundscape, the lighting gently glowing brighter, the ‘tik-a-tik tik’ picking up the pace. Then the bass beat came pounding in. The music continued to build. Layer on layer of sound filling the Throngers ears with a boundless lanscape. The lights creating another layer, creating a flowing and glowing Audisual landscape the Throngers spiritually flew through. The smiles on their faces indicating the Beauty of it all.

“The Rhythm” submerged the Throngers in a fluid feeling. Caught adrift in an ocean of sound and colour, the Glow of the Throngers.


To understand more was to open up more questions. The adventure, the quest was well on its way. The desire to be educated filled Snoove. The more he learnt, the more he wanted to know. On one side it all seemed so easy – tell everyone to love each other, it really is that simple to attain peace. On the other side though, how can you call to that many minds AND get the message heard AND get people to understand AND THEN get the people to apply that knowledge. Exactly! But nothing is impossible, miracles need a little more work [18]


Steev said to Siavelle, "Hiya, we should bring her here.'

Just then, as if by magic, Hiya danced up beside Siavelle. She was wearing a new outfit that was studded with glittering rubies and sapphires, and there were sparkling jewels through her hair that twinkled like stars.

"D'you think I'd miss out on something this big!" said Hiya laughing, "By the way, have you seen Dennis recently?"

"I think he went for a Dovely burger or three'” replied Steev,

"Dovelyl? Oh, I see." said Hiya

When Dennis returned he was ecstatic. "You should try those Dovely Burgers, and they do the finest Rhubarb and Custard ever! And they sell Dingleberry Joose pilbs [19] . Awesome."

"Dingleberry Joose pilbs!" exclaimed Yo!, "X-eU, they're delicious, they make you feel like a ‘Phaze. I'll be back real soon. Want one Siavelle?"

"Oh yes!" Siavelle replied eagerly

Yo! dug the change from her pocket, "Damn, not enough!"

As if by Synchronisity, the required change fell into her hand. Looking up she looked straight into Snooves eyes.

"You needed me” he said simply. She smiled.

"I Love You too!" he answered, seeing the words in her eyes,

Others at the Joose bar turned as one at the flash of UltraShine, as if someone had taken a photo'.

The UltraShiners gazed into each others eyes. The Energy was visible to all those around. The Glow was almost blinding. All the other 'Jammers around Yo! and Snoove showed their Pearls in happiness for them. They'd found the secret of Enhancement not Creation [20] .  So many 'Jammers got the two mixed up, it was sad. However, tonight was not a night for sadness as Blue Balooga spun the slices in an ever heightened sense of grooveslam. The Throngers surged with new energy, powering up, sourcing the Vibe even higher.

Yo! met, and introduced Snoove to, many of her friends who were at the Throng.

Towards the end, a few of them came up to Yo! asking what she was doing after the party. She replied that no plans had been made. With this, enthusiastic invites were instantly given to Yo!, Snoove and their friends.

"Looks like the party may go on for a while yet!" she laughed as she told Snoove, "we've been invited to the palace of King Robbie afterwards!"

"X-el!” said the friends as one.


“Follow me,” said Yo! Once the party had finished and she had made final arrangements with her friends.

They got into a Cabalongalator and were whisked away to the palace. Once at the gates, Yo! handed the driver a card. The gatekeeper looked at the card, handed it back to Yo!, then performed a salute as the gateway quietly slid open.

Yo! caught Snoove looking a little puzzled. "What" s up Lover?" she asked coyly

"When you said your Father was a businessman, what exactly did you mean?" asked Snoove, beginning to get a grip

"Ah, well, erm, I guess you've realised. My Father is King Robbie." she answered bashfully,

"Why didn't you say??" asked a gobsmacked Snoove. He noticed Steev and Siavelle's mouth's were wide open too.                             

"I wanted you to know me for who I am, not for my title." phe replied as they stopped by two huge doors.

The driver left without taking any money (knowing he'd be paid handsomely at the gate), and the assembled group followed Yo? round to the side of the building where another doorway led into a massive ballroom.

Within half an hour, a MidSys Groovatromicon was set up and pumping out music that was taking the Throngers on another Spiritual journey of Love.

"Lights!" exclaimed Yo?, ~ffk touchy a couple of buttons on her  WrisRem, then she spoke a couple of words into it. The whole room erupted into an eye staggering explosion of light and colour.

More Throngers arrived, turning the gathering into a private Throng of epic scale. They partied for hours. Eventually, Yo! and Snoove began to tire. "Come with me."

Yo? whispered huskily into Snooves ear. She led him through the maze of the palace corridors (occasionally talking into her WrisRem as she went), until they finally reached a big beautiful Oak door which she pushed open.

As they entered her room, Snooves jaw slowly gravitated downwards. In the middle of the room was a huge fireplace with a bronze chimney. A monster fire was blazing away, sending warmth to all parts of the room. In a circle around this, were massive sofas'. All of which, looked the sort that once you'd sat down in, you didn't want to, or occasionally couldn't, get out of. The MiniAudisual unit was playing some very foxy little tunes and the lights were perfectly dimmed.

She took his hand, leading him to the bathroom, where a ready made bubble bath and bottle of the finest Claret waited for them.

"Cuddles, Bubbles and Claret?" toasted Yo?, the chime of their glasses in tune with their laughter.

A lot of Thronging, the heat of the bath, the wine, and of course, making Love, meant that the couple fell asleep very quickly. Somewhere, in the grand scale of things, something clicked.


Thronging as a past-time was becoming more popular as the months rolled by. People from all walks of life were coming together and joining in.

It was obviously having a wider effect too. Parliaments, Joose bars, streets, playgrounds, in fact, everywhere, was becoming "brighter". The Glow that the Throngers had found, went out with them into the wider Worlds. People just seemed to love each other more. And the feeling spread. It was difficult to define. Everything just became... .Lovelier.

The very MultiVerse itself had started to Glow with a feint Infra-Yellow [21]

Hiya's message of MultiVersal Love was beginning to be noticed.






Foxing Hot


Snoove and Yo! Climbed out of the SubSurfa and lay on the beach. The bright sunshine warming their bodies.

            “We should tell everyone. EVERYONE should feel like this. Imagine life if everybody in the ‘Verse felt this way.” Enthused Yo!

            “Yeah, you’re right, the world would be a better place for it.”

            “Why don’t we do something about it then?” queried Yo!, her eyes effervescing with energy (and a little ‘Shine for good measure).

            “Good point, but how?” asked a very relaxed Snoove who was playing in the sand with his toes

            “Start our own Throngs. Bring it up from the underground. Take it ‘Out There’, “ she said, pointing to the sky, “Tell them all about The Realm of Dite and how beautiful it is, show them the way.”

            “Ah, but will they listen?, will they want to know?” replied Snoove, picking up Yo!’s radiating Glow.

            “Something this good is too good to miss” said Yo! Brightly

            “O.K., “said Snoove thoughtfully, idea’s tumbling through his mind, “we could call the Throng’s “The REALM”, unify all those we know now expand the feeling, try to bring Dite to everyone that way.”

Excitement caught up with them [22] as they started to walk along the beach towards Snooves pad. Arms around each others shoulders, faces pressed together, they walked, drinking in the atmosphere and enjoying each other.

            “That’s it!” exclaimed Yo! Suddenly

            “What’s IT?

            “Cheek 2 Cheek! We’ll call ourselves cheek 2 Cheek, put on Throng nights called “The Realm”, where all those GrooveJammers and WiggleHoppers can get together and party, have the time of their lives and travel to Dite.”

            “X-el!” Snoove said in agreement, Yo!’s vision coming to life in Snooves mind. It quietly amazed him how much on the same wavelength they were, and so often too.

Skipping along the beach like two children so happy with themselves, they continued home, a  feint UltraShine glow around them both. Another piece clicked into place. The Map becoming clearer still.

The next day at Snooves, Steev had dropped in to say hi and was helping Snoove and Yo! in the planning of the “The Realm”.       

“You should do it!” said Steev enthusiastically, “if you need any help, I’m right there.”

            “Thanx and we will need you.” Said Snoove

Yo! Had already started to call a few of her friends who were all keen on the idea and just wanted to know where to be and when.

            “I tell you what…..” Steev began as he dialled up a number on his WrisRem

Sassy’s face sparkled into the centre of the room

            “Hi guy’s” Steev said smiling broadly

            “Hello!” came the tandem reply as Figseed came into view too

Steev made the introductions then continued, “My friends Snoove and Yo! here are organising a Throng and I wondered if either of you were up for playing?”

            “When is it?” they asked simultaneously, making themselves laugh as well as everyone else.

            “Four weeks from tommok OK with you?” asked Steev

Sassy looked distracted for a second then, looking up again, beaming, he said “Perfect.”

            “X-el!” said Sassy and Figseed together causing more laughter

            “’Til then.” said Steev waving then touching the “close” buttin on his Wrisrem. The HoloJector twinkled into nothingness.

            “Well that’s two of the AudioNauts taken care of” said Steev, smiling a smile which grew as Yo! handed him a gigglestick

Throughout the next few Orbs they called everyone they knew, telling them about “The Realm”. The venue was on a planet Amazania. A friend of Yo!’s had a huge farm that he was more than happy to use for the Throng, being a keen Thronger himself.

Amazania was one of the sectors more cosmopolitan planets and the natives were known to always ‘up for it’ whenever a party was mentioned.

Snoove drew the Fizzer, with a cast list of the finest AudioNauts. They were all going to be there, Sassy, Figseed, Mogul-E, Jewel and many more. The lighting was going to be done by Yesmar who’d recently discovered some amazing new ways of using Golden Gimbly.

They called Hiya who was over the moon about the idea. She was going to bring Bliss with her too. They also called Elise who was going to bring here Dingleberry Joose bar.

Steev suggested to Snoove that the Fizzer designs and some of his other drawings should be done bigger, much bigger! “We could use them to decorate the venue “Gateways” he chuckled

            “I’ll give it a try.” Said Snoove, a sparkle in his eye


A few days later Yo! walked into the room to find Snoove standing by a huge sheet of cloth and covered in paint, a huge smile on his face. Yo!’s face turned from shock into an equally huge grin, a hint of mischief at the edges.

            “Playing again?” she queried, tip-toeing through the paint pots

            “I got a bit carried away” he replied, looking at the scene around him

He didn’t notice Yo! pick up a pot of purple paint as she approached him…..


The resulting ‘picture’ of their paint fight caused much comment on its inherent Energy and Glow. People asked how it’d been done but Snoove and Yo! would look at each other, smile and say nothing

Things slotted into place and motion. Two weeks from now the MultiVerse was going to see one of the most exciting Throngs this side of NIIN

Over the next couple of weeks Snoove and Yo! were inseparable. They became regular travellers to The Realm of Dite, revelling in the fluid freedom of Love and Mersion.

They spread the word of the upcoming Throng, handing out Fizzers to all they came across, with extras for those who wanted to help spread the word too.

Excitement grew [23] , Anticipation mounted [24] , Time whizzed by [25] , and Word spread like Wildfire [26] .


The group of friends stood at the gate to the fields, looking out across the bare green expanse before them.

“Doesn’t look much now does it?” said Snoove generally

“yeah but you just wait….” Said Yesmar in his usual impish style. The group of friends mapped out the field.

Where the Xyp’s, Zypes and ‘Lator’s would park, camp sites and of course the Sound Light and Dance areas. Over the course of the next four Orbs, all manner and size of equipment was shipped in. The formerly bare fields took on an arena type look. The quiet of the countryside occasionally broken by the MegaSys being tested.

At the end of a weeks hard work, the group of friends gathered in the middle of the dance area and sat in a circle passing gigglesticks and drinking ‘Joose’ Elise had brought with her. They all glowed between Infra-Yellow and Infra-Purple and they were all feeling very pleased with themselves.

Yesmar had put together a light show that would give the CloudPhazii illusionists a run for their money. Snoove had made dozens and dozens of “Gateways” that covered everywhere.

Sassy and Figseed had set out the MegaSys so that no matter where you stood, the full impact of the sound was bound to move you.

They all sat around discussing the up-coming Throng with a light in their eyes and a look of satisfaction on their faces.

“The Realm – Foxing Hot” was due to start in two days time and everything was ready. Friends of the group had already started to drift in, helping where possible and enjoying the already happy atmosphere.


Snoove and Yo! were at the entranceway to the fields. They wanted to greet as many of the eager ‘Jammers and ‘Hoppers as they could personally.

The Zype park soon filled up and the Dancing area began to look like a sea of Light, so many of the Throngers glowed Infra-Yellow ready for the start.

With a look of concern on her face, Yo! said to Snoove “I wonder where Hiya is, we haven’t seen her all week”

“Would I let you down” came a voice like a million crystals chiming. Hiya materialised beside Yo! and put her arm around the two Lovers. The three of them ‘Shone for an instant, settling down to an Infra-Purple Glow.

“Well, we did begin to wonder if you would show” said Snoove

“What! And let you two wonderful people down (and have all the fun I might add!). Never!” she affirmed. “I have been busy though. Since Aurral Thronging took off, I seem to have less time than ever”

“Then I’d like to pass the honour of opening Foxing Hot to you” said Snoove beaming

“Oh! Why Thank You. It would be a great honour indeed” and with that she took the mic from Snoove and stepped up too the centre of the main stage.

The MegaSys buzzed and growled like a caged tiger waiting to get out, ready to kickstart a journey into Love & Light. Hiya looked over to Mogul-E at the slicespinners cabin. He raised his thumbs, “Ready to go!” he shouted

Hiya faced a huge sea of smiling glowing faces, diamonds and pearls flashed and danced in the air before her, all eager for the ride to begin. She got brighter and brighter ‘til she ‘Shone. “D’ya wanna party!?” she shouted

The whole arena shouted back as one “Yeah!”


The beat/bass line became the pattern of the Throngers own heartbeat, skipping through the Audisual forest as a child in an exciting adventure – wonder in their eyes, their hearts and minds open to the marvels all around them.

Bliss was smiling, Hiya smiled back at her. Bliss was Hiya’s daughter and so beautiful the stars would blush when she shone.

Melodies and hook lines danced and flew through this mindscape as birds on the wing. Counterpoint Harmonies floating though, to enrich the sonic forest even further, To see the Imagination, to play within it then to bring it to life, Reality.

An Audisual reflection of the Passion radiated from within him, his eyes flashing like new born stars. It spread out from him touching and passing through/around the other Throngers, energizing them as it flowed outwards.

At the very peak of “The Realm – Foxing Hot, Snoove and Yo! stood on the centre stage looking out across a sea of smiling Ecstatic Throngers.

To know how good Love feels, and then to share that feeling. To be energized by the Love given back to you. To feedback that Energy….. the Cycle goes on. Oh! What a feeling, Rhapsody.

            “If only my arms were big enough, I’d hug them all!” Snoove said to Yo! breathlessly.

He closed his eyes, imagining. He received a thousand ‘hugs’ back. Every one felt as personal and close as if each person was standing right in front of him. Awesome.

            “How do you think I do it?” he heard Hiya’s voice say. An almost silent click signalled another piece to the Map completed.

Brite Sun


Snoove woke up smiling. Opening his eyes he looked straight into Yo!’s golden and still glowing eyes.

            “Good morning gorgeous,” she purred, wrapping an arm around Snoove, little sparkles of energy fizzing as she did

            “Good morning beautiful. Have you been awake long?” asked Snoove sleepily

“No, not long. Just long enough to look at you and realise how much I love you.” She crooned.

            “Mmm, come here” said Snoove as he drew her closer……….


….three hours later, both with a light covering of silvery fresh sweat and still glowing like Golden Gimbly, they both got up and showered.

            “Was that a party ot what!?” said Snoove shaking off the water

            “I think they all got the message” replied Yo!

            “So what about the next one?”

            “I don’t think it’ll be a problem, everyone had such a good time.”

Just then a message pod [27] appeared [28] . It was from Sassy and Figseed, the note inside read – “When’s the next one?”

Snoove dialled Sassy’s number on his WrisRem and, after a couple of beeps, a purple/golden eyed face shimmered into the room.

            “That was quick!” said Sassy

            “No time like the present” replied Snoove smiling

            “Was that a party or what!?” Sassy said, glowing a bit brighter

            “Oh yes” answered Snoove, “Up for another?”

            “Yeah, anytime!”

            “Well how about four weeks?”

            “Perfect. I’ll round up Figseed and a few others.”

            “OK, I’ll get the artwork together for a Fizzer, make some calls and get the ball rolling. Talking of which……”

Yo! handed Snoove a gigglestick before he even managed to get the last word out. They just knew each other so well ….

            “X-el!” said Sassy “I’ll call in a couple of Orbs to tie up loose ends.”

            “X-el! See you then. Bye”

            As Sassy said “Bye”  the shimmering where Sassy had been seemed to take longer than normal to dissipate.

Snoove cut himself on one of the pilb caps. Liquid Lush slowly oozed out from the wound. Stunned and surprised he put his cut finger in his mouth. “How the…..?” he wondered to himself

He looked down to where a drop had fallen and saw it sparkle, spread out then just disappear

Confused Snoove blinked his eyes then looked at his now healed finger. The knock at the door broke his reverie. As the door opened Snoove knew it was Hiya

“Hello” she said

“Hello, you wouldn’t believe what just happened!”

“Yes I would. Haven’t you realised yet?” she asked

click! The connection being made

Snoove had become one. A part of Dite as Dite. The Realm. The MultiVerse. The very essence is you, you are it,


The next two Orbs were quite hectic as plans and preparations were made. “The Ream – Brite Sun” was going to be even bigger than the first “Realm” party.

Snoove called SKii who said to leave the venue to him. After calling a few more friends who all agreed to help, Snoove and Yo! went to the Beach and called out ot the SubSurfa.






Snoove and Yo! were chilling, listening to a muzikard Sassy had sent that day, when the VurtCom beeped into life. Snoove hit the respond button on his WrisRem, the VurtCom’s HoloJector sparkling into action.

            “Good evening. Snoove isn’t it?” asked the face in the ‘Jectors lightstream

            “Erm, yes it is, and you are…?”

            “Oh sorry. My names Mimbletang, head of Great MultiVersal Group. I was given one of your Fizzers for “The Realm – Brite Sun” and so many people have been talking about “The Realm – Foxing Hot” party on Amazania that I’d like to do a feature on “Brite Sun”. It’d give me the chance to come to one of these Throngs myself. My daughter talks about them all the time, saying I’d really enjoy it. I used to be a flower child you know.”

            “Really!?” said Snoove

            “Don’t be so surprised,” said Mimbletang, with a mock wounded expression, “the suits for business, you know how it is. Anyway, I digress, would you be interested?”

            “Yeah, X-el!” exclaimed Snoove, “Why don’t you come over, we’ll havea few pilbs of Joose and can sort the details”

            “OK It’s a deal. Tommok, about seven?” asked Mimbletang

            “Fine, see you then. I’ll send the address and a map on the waveline at the end of trans”

            “Tommok then. Bye.” Said Mimbletang, waving as the Vurtcom picture faded

Snoove dialled up Sassy’s number on his WrisRem, the VurtCom sparkling back into life as it waited for the response.


            “Network Vurt! X-el!”exclaimed Sassy

            “Come over tommok and help with the details,” said Snoove

            “Tommok then,bye!”




The door chimes rang out. Yo! answered the door and found Mimbletang with his daughter, standing there with three cases of Dingleberry Joose pilbs.

            “I didn’t know if you’d have enough pilbs” he opened smiling, “Hello, you must be Yo!” he concluded holding out his hand.

            “Always room for more, hello and yes I am.” She replied smiling

            “This is my daughter Libzmakka” he said introducing a young Averlonian girl who would give any Barper a good run for their money

Yo! helped bring in the Joose cases, directing them to the kitchen to put them in the fridgion

            “Who is….?” Snoove was saying as he entered the living room. “Oh, Hello Mimbletang. Is that the time already? I’m sorry, I’ve been painting more “Gateways’”, ready or the next Throng

            “Hey, don’t mind m, go right ahead. In fact that’s just the sort of thing I wanted to talk to you about. The bit the Throngers and ‘Jopub’ don’t normally get to see, as well as the bit they do, and ultimately WHY they do it.”

Yo! brought in some ready chilled pilbs of Joose as Snoove and Mimbletang got carried away. Libzmakka and Yo! wasted no time in talking either, connecting straight away, becoming firm friends not long after that.


Whilst Snoove was displaying the messy delights of painting “Gateway’s”, the door chimes sang out again.

Sassy and Figseed bounced into the room, Glowing and talking so quick it was difficult to keep up. “Awesome…….Mix…… feel it deep insi….” Finally when they realised everyone was just looking at them, smirking, they calmed down enough to explain their excitement.

            “Put this on!” said Sassy, handing Snoove a VurtKard

Snoove popped it into his MiniSys Groovatromicon and nearly fell over when it started!

The whole room had turned into a starscape – a background Glow of Purple in there somewhere.

From the depths of sound and the heights of Vision, a Melody began to make itself heard. The starscape gently moved, flowing with the music. The whole Audisual experience enveloped all those present, picking them up with a hypnotic hook line none could resist.

Planets flew past them, Sun’s whizzed by (Snoove swore blind he could feel the heat too!), a journey into sound and light that carried them towards……..Dite!

Golden tubes of Golden fluid ran around the minds eye.

Once the VurtKard had finished, nobody said a word until, “WOW!” exclaimed Snoove and Yo! together. Mimbletang sat there wide eyed and Libzmakka had a silly grin on her face.

            “D’ya like it?” asked Figseed

As one the stunned group replied ”Oh Yes!!!!”

            “It’s a new project we’ve been working on” he said smiling proudly

Just then Steev, Dennis and Siavelle turned up. After introductions and a fresh round of Joose pilbs, they played the VurtKard again.

            “I just love the way you Glow when it finishes” said Libzmakka dreamily

            “That is something else!” agreed Steev, awe on his face

            “Muzikards get me weak at the knees if the music’s right, but that, that just draws you in and takes you there, express, first class, live the dream. It’s unbelievable.” Said Steev, still awestruck

            “Well we’ve converted “Foxing Hot” onto VurtKard too” said Figseed as he changed the ‘Kard in the MiniSys. “This one’s a real roller-coaster! Are you ready?” he asked. Mischief twinkling in his glowing eyes


Snoove, Yo!, Steev and Siavelle zipped down the expressway in Snooves new Triptronic Travellogalator. The on-board Groovatromicon playing the new muzikard by Mogul-E. They were all glowing Infra-Yellow already and couldn’t wait to get to the party.

The Fizzer was promising a Throng of epic proportions, little did they know how right it would be. “The Realm – Brite Sun” was being held on the homeworld of the CloudPhazii, NIIN. A place of rare beauty not often seen, even in somewhere as large as the MultiVerse. Thanks to the help of SKii, who really enjoyed Thronging and had managed to convince many of the other CloudPhazii that it really would be a good idea to hold one on NIIN.

They reached the InterGal StarPort, checked in for their ride then headed for the Joose bar while they waited. They didn’t have to wait long before the call for their ride came over the intercom.

The transport shuttles’ AntiGrav thrusters took them out of Glasters orbit, then two SunBurst Tachyon class engines accelerated them to seven over Light, turning a short journey into a whistlestop ride (in fact Steev hadn’t even had a chance to finish whistling the second bar of his favourite tune before they’d arrived!)

As they disembarked from the shuttle, Snoove suggested they go catch up with SKii in the Great Hall of NIIN.


The entrance to the Great Hall was a soft glowing Golden colour, like the Sun on a summer’s day. The floor was made of something like emerald or green ice, but not so hard or cold. As they stood there taking the majesty of it all in, an arrow made of mist appeared in front of them, urging them to continue into the Great Hall

They followed the arrow until it stopped in front of two enormous Crystal doors. These gently and silently swung open, and the sight that met their eye’s took their breath away. Colour and a feeling of Happy/Love broke like a wave over them, leaving them all feeling weightless (like a cloud you could say!) filling every part of them. There was no ceiling to this hall and the floor was of the most verdant grass Snoove had ever seen. The walls shimmered as if they weren’t there. Time seemed to stand still here [29] .


With a sound that would make a whisper sound like a shout, SKii the CloudPhaze came into the Great Hall of NIIN.

            “Greetings” came SKii’s voice, the words like a soft summers breeze flowing past Snooves ear.

            “Expanse [30] SKii, you are well my friend?” responded Snoove

            “The ‘Verse is large and I have wandered far indeed. Yes, I have seen much Beauty.”

            “Well met then. May I introduce my friends, “ said Snoove, indicating his companions.

As each were introduced, SKii ‘reached’ out a wisp of himself. As each member o f the group came into contact with SKii, their whole body felt light and Universal, everywhere. A zillion suns twinkled in the minds eye, Nebulii swirling in a dance of creation [31] .

After all had expressed their delight in meeting, SKii guided them to the refreshment area. The only drink on offer was water, but water from a million different planets and a trillion rivers. It’s amazing the differences that that can make. Some waters were good for sleep, soothing the drinker into a beautific slumber, while others gave you a feeling of boundless energy and a sense of warm well-being.

Waters so clear that they seem invisible until they touch your lips, the feeling of an Arctic silk sheet covering your every taste bud and washing away your thirst.

They sat talking to SKii for what seemed like hours when, finally, Snoove declared they really should go to the venue.

“Haste not friend Snoove” breezed SKii, “I will take you all. It would be a pleasure.” He said Glowing Infra-Purple. They finished their drinks , then SKii asked if they were all ready. Everyone agreed and slowly SKii enveloped them in his Purple mist/self.

As the Purple haze cleared, they were there!, standing in the middle of a beach of a bay, in the heart of where the Throng was to take place.

“Thank you SKii” said Snoove, enjoying the lingering feeling of being everywhere. The rest of the travellers voiced their appreciation, a few stars still in some of their eyes.

Snoove saw Yesmar and gave him a shout. Yesmar skipped down from a lighting rig and greeted Snoove and his friends.

“This is gonna be some…..” he said trailing off

“I can tell!” agreed Snoove, looking up and down the length of the bay at the growing MegaSys Groovatromicon and lighting.

Yo! came up beside Snoove, putting her arm around him. “Hello Yesmar” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek as she greeted him

“Hello Beautiful!” he impishly replied, “look at……..”he started and finished again

“lookit what we gone done did!” said Snoove in his best Borion accent. Yo! chuckled squeezing him tighter


“The Realm – Brite Sun” Throng was to be in a huge sweeping bay called ‘Seventh’. At one end of the bay were rolling dunes, golden sand grains sparkling like a trillion miniature suns. At the other, a lush forest started forty meters from the paradise shoreline.

The MegaSys Audisual Groovatromicon was laid out the entire length of the bay, a screen of sound to take the Throngers to Dite and back. GMG Hovercams floated around recording all the preparation and anticipation [32] .

HOVERFECTÔ were supplying all the lighting (ably co-ordinated by Yesmar). Flower strobes, spotlights, HoLasers and a myriad of other effects floated around, ready to change the Beach into a rippling ocean of light and colour.

Snoove decked out the front of the MegaSys with huge copies of his designs. Each one a graphical “Gateway” to another, distant dimension. Some of them had eyes that looked back into your own inner dimension/space.


Eventually the hour to start the Throng arrived. The MegaSys hummed, buzzed and crackled with energy, waiting to unleash a tidal wave of Sound over the eager Throngers. The lighting floated into position.


Mogul-E had been chosen to play first so he started his set with “Feel It!” by Coco Steel and Lovebomb. An insistent beat rose up from the speakers.


The Rush, higher, rushing higher, higher, reaching for the summit, the thrill of the chase and finally the Ecstasy of reaching the peak. Oh! The Passion of……………

Higher than the sky. NIIN glowed below, a small flicker down beneath him. Higher and higher. Floating on a shockwave of Infra-Purple, higher. Bathed in the light of a thousand Sun’s. Snoove glided through his minds Universe.

The Throngers urged and surged the Vibe until the very ground they danced on throbbed and pulsed with “The Rhythm”. The Energy radiating out like a flower opening it petals in the spring morning sunshine.

The Melody subsided and drifted away leaving the beat/bass pulling, coaxing the Throngers into a raunchier state of feeling. The sexual frission beginning to sparkle in the air like Diamonds. Gently, the Melody line drifted back in, from being the merest whisper it became a heart wrenching cry out, release, PASSION, universe forming PASSION. The untouchable feeling of total Joy and Love.

To have the aching of wanting, the desire, fulfilled – to feel that you are complete in that moment is pure Bliss.

            Mimbletang found Snoove and Yo! cuddling and looking out across a mass of smiling, Glowing Throngers.

“Now I see what Libzmakka meant when she said ‘You had to be there to feel it’, this is amazing. I haven’t felt this good in years!” he said a dazzling sparkle in his eyes.

“It’s great isn’t it, everybody is sooo happy. The feeling of Love is awesome.”









The GMG VurtNet feature went out a week later. It proved so popular they had to repeat it twice in the following ten Orbs.

Snoove was inundated with calls from all over the ‘Verse. “When was the next one?”, “Where was it going to be?”,Are Muzikards available?” it was (almost) overwhelming. The door chimes rang out announcing a visitor. “I’ll get it!” shouted Yo! She opened the door to find Hiya standing there [33] .

“Hello Lovers” she said in greeting

“Hi! Come in” replied Yo! giving her a hug and a kiss

“Hi!” shouted Snoove from the kitchen, “Want a pilb of Dingleberry Joose?”

“Love one thanks!” called out Hiya as she entered

“Me too!” shouted Yo!

“Well! What can I say!?” said Hiya, adding a hint of mock exhaustion to her voice, “I’ve met so many new people lately that my head’s spinning. Although I have to say, it’s a wonderful feeling. And I haven’t seen Bliss for Orbs”

Snoove brought their pilbs, giving Hiya a kiss of greeting as she took hers.” It’s unbelievable isn’t it!?”, he said wide eyed. “The VurtCom hasn’t stopped”, and as if on cue, it chirped into life indicating an incoming call. Snoove pressed the respond button on his WrisRem to bring Mimbletangs face sparkling on the VurtComs HoloJector.

“Hello people” he opened cheerily, “how goes it?”

“X-el!” they all said as one

“When’s the next one then?” he asked excitedly

“Well why don’t you come over and help us if you’re up for it?” said Snoove, smiling at Mimbletangs enthusiasm.

“OK. I’ve got a couple of things to tie up first, but a couple of hours alright with you?

“Fine, see you then. Bye”

“Bye!” said Mimbletang as the vision faded


So, it’s agreed then, IZI’BA on the 21st JUUN. That’s seven weeks from tommok.” Said Snoove, “I’ll put together the Fizzer as usual, Mimbletang can put together a FizVurt for the VurtNet, Sassy can take care of the Aurral Sonics, Yesmar can organise the lighting and between us all we should be able to make this a Throng that will go down in history.”

“X-el!” they all answered as one

Many pilbs and gigglesticks later, Snoove and Yo! bade their goodnights, “Please feel free to stay as long as you like, see you all soon”

A pulse of ‘Shine came from the remaining group, “Goodnight!” they chorused

As soon as they had climbed into bed and cuddled they ‘Shone with each other. Not long after that…….Mersion! In the living room Hiya and Bliss winked at each other, smiling. Not much passed them by, especially when anybody took a long, sensuous ride to Dite.


The following Orbs were as ever hectic and busy. Calls were made, people informed and organised and with Hiya’s help it all went very smoothly. Within five weeks, virtually every sentient being in the MultiVerse knew about “The Realm – Equinoxe” Throng on IZI’BA.

Word of “The Realm – Equinoxe” was spoken in every home, Joose bar and on every planet. It was going to be ‘The ONLY place’ to be!

Three Orbs before the event, Snoove gathered everybody together to hold a final meeting.



The whole planet of IZI’BA had been taken over for “The Realm – Equinoxe” which wasn’t too difficult as it was already one of the most popular tourist planets in the Galaxy.

The Equinoxe would be visible from fourteen different systems. It was a time of great excitement all over the tuned in systems. Never in a quizillion Millennia had anything ever happened like this. There was an almost visible Infra-Purple Glow over the entire sector. Now that was unusual. Anticipation mounted, then rode off into the sunsets [34] . Just then, Argornian Twimble VII winked in the light of a trillion sun’s. Cosmic.

HOVERFECTÔ had specially made twelve AudisuasatsÒ that had been placed in an all points geo-stationary orbit. These were to transmit the sound and light to all parts of the planet and MultiVerse simultaneously. So if you were bumping in Bangkok IV or grooving on Grexsta, you’d be doing it to the same tune as those in Jammixin on Poontang.

Receiver units for the Audisuasats were available to everybody (with the aid of the MVAF [35] ), so all could hear and see on their own Groova’s and Vurt’s too, no matter where in the ‘Verse they were. A truly InterGal party.

Equipment was shipped in from every corner of the ‘Verse [36] .


A phasing pattern of notes drifted up from the quiet, getting louder. Then a hi-hat “tik’d”  in a urgent rhythm. Building up and down. The soundscape getting richer, brighter then…….. break, 2, 3, 4

On the beat the whole beach erupted into sound and light. The Throngers shouted and screamed in delight. The Journey had begun. The Glowing Throngers became instantly brighter. Within an hour the colour had changed to a brilliant Infra-Purple.

The positive energy flashed out like a beacon. All the negitrons it passed, it washed away. The remaining positrons grew larger and brighter with every new flash.

Every tone, every musical syllable, seared itself into and through Snoove, creating a vertiguous Rush he’d never felt before. Tears of pleasure ran from his eyes, his heart hurt, not in pain, it just didn’t know how to keep up with the Rush, it was sooo beautiful. He ‘Shone and pulsed with ‘The Rhythm’.

He remembered back to a time when he’d asked the question “There has to be more to it than this?!”. He’d found his answer – almost.

One final key remained, one final step to pure UltraShine. As he hugged Yo! Enlightenment loomed.

Bliss joined them and put her arms around them both, Love radiating from her in a silver-golden light/feeling.

As the last whisper of their “I Love You” to each other faded and the ‘Shine became it’s most intense, the clock struck for the hour of Equinoxe.

Their Love, their Aura’s, their ‘Shine merged into One, became a Rhapsody of Light, then………For a zillionth of a second the MultiVerse went silent – then the final absolute click! occurred. The Map, the puzzle and the adventure were complete……it exploded outwards faster than a Tachyon Xyp [37] . Mersion!

Because the Audisuasats were broadcasting transceivers, when the UltraShine pulsed out, it fedback through the ‘sats, sending the Energy in every direction of the Cosmos.


            IZI’BA became that ‘bridge’, where Liquid Lush poured through, spreading into the MultiVerse. Love, Harmony, Unity, Melody and Passion all poured through, an unstoppable Tsunami of feeling, emotion and fulfilment. The light of the twin Sun’s of the Realm of Dite lit up a trillion star Systems. Dark planets became light, sadness disappeared. Love burned and rushed in every heart. A zillion smiles lit up on a zillion faces. Utopia spanned the MultiVerse, which pulsed with Ecstatic Joy.

            On billions of worlds, people stopped what they were doing, reached out to their friends, lovers, mothers, daughters, Sons or whoever was near them and hugged this person with such pure Love that an indelible mark was left in the pattern of the MultiVerse.

The GrooveJammers and WiggleHoppers screamed, shouted, roared (in fact the verbs tumbled over themselves to be first) in sheer Ecstasy of Being, Love and Unity. The Throngers felt their hearts explode with the Joy of it all, the next beat being as one, huge InterGal beat in ’Rhythm’ to the sound of the MegaSys.

            “The Realm – Equinoxe” Throng lasted four weeks! People would fly in, party, then leave and come back again (and from that day forward there was always a Throng going on somewhere on IZI’BA).


            Snoove and Yo! were right there ‘til the very end. When every last person and piece of equipment had left the bay, they lay down on the Beach and cuddled each other. Neither of them said a word, they didn’t need to. They made Love on the Beach as the twin Sun’s set on the horizon.

They didn’t notice the change from Beach to Dite, they were so involved with each other. By the time they came back, the Beach was in darkness.

Somewhere in the distance, they could hear the chorus line of a tune drifting towards them……


“…….All you need is Love………Love is all you need……”







Within five Orbs, thirty nine wars ended and the MultiVersal League of Beings had expanded from seven hundred and twenty seven members to every single known (and a few nobody had known about!) planetary System in the MultiVerse.

The twin sun’s of Dite shone in every heart and over every planet in the ‘Verse. A new Age was born, becoming known as “The Age of Bliss”. Hiya smiled with contentment and Love. All was as it should be [38] . This was good as Hiya had fancied a holiday for quite a while now.








Do You Doubt………








[1] Have you ever seen a Cloudphaze? They are soooo beautiful, as they drift past they go through every colour known or written about. To see one is like experiencing a living dream, to talk to one is to be hypnotised and to touch one……

[2] Kazammy brand batteries were guaranteed for life, Snoove wasn’t sure whose life, so he always carried a spare

[3] The Snoove remembers the words of “The Dylan”: Somethin’ is happening here man and you don’t know what it is – Ballad of the Thin Man

[4] Although on the cast list of life, Fate was rarely seen. But she was always around causing Joy or Mischief somewhere. That’s why her preferred guise was the invisible one. She could, however, be seen by UltraShiners and Xorgians as they’d tuned in to the Harmonies of Life

[5] waving as they did so

[6] which was proving to be elusive tonight

[7] Because Snoove hadn’t done much it got bored and found somewhere else to pass by

Ô Trademark of Throbatron ButtKikkin Bass Systems

[8] Fate was getting good at this ventriloquism lark

[9] No! They weren’t happy about it either

[10] Anticipation felt it was good to mingle before mounting, it was just good PR and sticking around for a while this time, because even Anticipation has a sense of curiosity

[11] Although it wasn’t known as the MultiVerse’s greatest navigator

[12] The planet of Barp was mostly noted for the voracious sexual appetite of the natives, Barpers. They are a breed apart. They didn’t even need Hiya to know. Every Barper was so beautiful and had a genetic need that was so strong, that only the brave or the foolhardy went near the place. Barp’s nickname was X.T.C. and it was a well earned one.

[13] Cupid, Fates Son, was a somewhat ditzy character and didn’t quite have his Mothers mischievous streak. His heart was in the right placebut not his aim, which was quite a disappointment to his Father, War( being quite the Marksman himself). But then it was always said Cupid took more after his Mother, something to do with having more of “The Inevitable” in his blood

[14] Bar-B-Q’s being the speciality, ah the great outdoors does bring out the best …

[15] Ooops! There it goes again. “Time” was really beginning to get bored of this being pushed aside in the plot bit and was contemplating buggering off completely

[16] Time trying to sneak back into the plot again

[17] They weren’t sure how many exactly as Time had finally managed to sneak back into the plot and wasn’t telling anyone

[18] “Oh well! Here goes…”said Fate to herself

[19] Dingleberry Joose comes exclusively from Mungamoo, a small island ten klix West of the Oztrayler Continent of planet PaRioDise. It’s covered in a tropical forest within which isa ake. In the middle of this lake is an island on which Dingleberry bushes grow. These bushes have huge blue flowers with five berries per stem. A very rare bllom indeed!

[20] Why fix something if it isn’t broken? Enjoy the reality, don’t waste time on illusions, all you need is already there.

[21] Which it thought was quite fetching and was very pleased with itself

[22] It was out of breath (nearly), however, it was used to a hectic pace so was never too far behind

[23] It was definitely putting on weight

[24] Nobody was quite sure when and where it ever got off but hey, if it was happy mounting all the time, why worry!

[25] Not even getting a chance to wave

[26] Which was only marginally slower than Light and sometimes quicker than Time

[27] Nobody knew where the Tachyon Induction Coil Message Pod System had come from. A Fore-Runner race maybe, a multidimensional species, a science fiction book, who knew?, who cared?, they worked and they never went wrong. Nuff said! J

[28]   Coincidence was beginning to feel left out!

[29] Now you know where Time goes when you’re having fun, it comes here for a rest!

[30] This being the ‘proper’ way to say hello to a CloudPhaze

[31] It was a little known fact that the Nebulii were the first of the ‘Phazii race in the MultiVerse

[32] Not being its usual camera shy self

[33] Feeling it was more polite than just materialising in the front room

[34] Never one to stick around. It’s excuse this time being – if it stayed around it might spoil things

Ô TradeMark of HOVERFECT AntiGrav Audisual platform systems

Ò Registered TradeMark of HOVERFECTÔ

[35] MultiVersal Artistic Fund

[36] Although it was later agreed that even with all the techno kit, the CloudPhazii illusionists were second to none

[37] Fastest thing ever known, even leaving light behind, ut that’s another story

[38] Hiya had always known Bliss was special (she was a the daughter of a goddess after all!) but hadn’t known exactly why (even goddesses don’t know everything!)

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